New Facebook page for Oxford, Berks and Bucks GPs!

New Facebook page for Oxford, Berks and Bucks GPs!

Your Local Medical Committee has created a Facebook page to provide support to General Practice in the area. 

For more information on what an LMC does click here.

OxGP, a closed Facebook group, has been recently set up by the Oxfordshire LMC to provide support to general practice in Oxfordshire. It's to ask about local issues, local ways of doing things eg referrals for those new to the area, to let LMC know about issues people think we should be taking up, find and do relevant e-learning (for free!), and to give support/information, and maybe a bit of banter, like a doctor's mess.

To join in you need to set up a Facebook account and then search for the group OxGP and request to join, answering the questions about where you work in Oxfordshire. 

Members aren't each-other's Facebook friends, so we don't get to see each-other's embarrassing photos! Its a closed group, so people who don't belong won't be able to read what's on it.

We've got people from LMC, OCCG and the federations there, and lots of jobbing GPs, feel free to join in.


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